Club Moolah


Club Moolah is a fun, dynamic and engaging after-school enrichment program for 5 - 8 graders. This after school program is designed to strengthen the math skills as well as prepare the students with knowledge about personal finance that will last a lifetime. Emphasis will be placed on helping students navigate through the personal financial literacy T.E.K.S (Texas essential knowledge and skills) mandated by the Texas Education Agency. 

Club Moolah is a one of a kind experience filled with fun activities, money games, and stimulating sessions on money management. The lessons learned in this program will create good financial habits that will last a lifetime. Students will learn that their choices early in life could have a HUGE impact on their future financial success. This is after-school program is designed for 5 grade youth whose parents want to give them a financial head start in life! This money management program provides the financial decision-making tools youth need.

The mission of Club Moolah is to teach elementary school students to become more educated about money so that they can become better spenders, better savers and eventually, better adults.

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Club Moolah Brochure - new (pdf)


Club Moolah Fact Sheet (pdf)