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Financial Literacy for teens

Next Step Financial Workshops Teens

Alliance Financial Ministries hosts financial workshops for students 13 and up. During these fun- filled sessions students will be exposed to various financial topics designed to give the information they need to make good financial decisions.  Students will participate in hands-on activities, workshops and financial games that will help them learn how to manage their finances and make smart choices. 

During the two-day camp students will review financial modules to include but not limited to: (1) Budgeting (2) Financial Mindset (3) Account Management (4) Credit and (5) Loans and Debt. The camp will be a fun an in-depth look into how to approach finances that will help launch young adults toward financial independence during their early years. 

 Your teen will learn how to:

  • Getting their first apartment from a property manager
  • How to buy a car, how to  insure it, and maintain it
  • The ins & outs of using credit cards and interest payments
  • How to open and manage a bank (checking ) account
  • How to  choose a career to support their desired lifestyle
  • How to comparison shop
  • How to read a paycheck and use it wisely
  • budgeting for saving, spending, and investing
  • and much more!

Our two-day Next Step program gives students the opportunity to ask and get their money questions answered by professionals that are experts in their fields who care and have been there, done that.


Workshop fee includes supplies, meals, and material. 

FALL  2019 Classes

 Session One         Budgeting & Banking        - Saturday September 28th

Session Two          Living on your OWN         - Saturday October 5th

Session Three      Credit & Credit Cards       - Saturday October 12th

Session Four         Saving  & Investing 101    - Saturday October 19th

Next Step Financial Workshops


Two Day Camp Description (pdf)


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