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Smart Money Moves for Young Adults


Financial Mindset

In this lesson, students will explore their personal dreams and learn the effects of lifestyle choices on achieving those dreams. They will understand how money is related to their lifestyle choices, either directly or indirectly. Other topics include: Financial Behavior, Goal Setting & Life Style Choices  


In this lesson, students will learn what a budget is and how budgeting is used to maintain your finances. Students also will learn the budgeting process and apply these lessons in a practical setting to further their financial literacy skills. Other topics include: Money Management styles, Needs vs Wants and what they can afford.    

Account Managment

In this lesson, students will develop knowledge about how the banking process works. They will understand bank accounts, ATMs, and why banking is important to financial literacy. Other topics include: Debit card vs Credit cards, and banking essentials

Loans, Debt & Credit

In this lesson, students will identify the differences between types of debt. They will learn to distinguish between good debt and bad debt as well as the consequences of taking on too much debt. Students will also learn how to determine what type of debt is best to build a credit.  Students will learn how credit functions for making purchases, what finance charges are, and why credit is needed in one’s financial life. Other topics include: Credit reports and Credit scores  

Living on your own

 As students complete their education and enter the workforce, they often struggle with handling the expenses of living on their own for the first time. Participants will learn how to handle their two biggest expenses, housing and transportation, while managing the other expenses associated with living on their own.   In addition, this workshop emphasizes the importance of budgeting, managing debt, and saving for the future. .