Youth Financial programs


The lack of financial literacy has reached epidemic proportions among America’s youth. In today’s world, many teens work for their own money according to a study by the RAND youth poll teen spending power in 2015 was just over $91 billion. Studies have also shown that many teens have no idea how to handle money.

Many young people fail in the management of the first consumer credit experience, established bad financial management habits, and stumble through their lives learning by trial and error on how to handle money.

“Teens often spend money unwisely due to poor financial habits.”



The mission of Alliance Financial Ministries, Inc.’s youth programs is:


“To provide America’s youth with the financial decision-making tools they need to create financial independence”


Alliance Financial Ministries, Inc. offers several unique community-focused programs that are designed to inspire and equip youth with tools to make good financial decisions. The overall goal is to provide youth and young adults with financial information at an early age. The lessons learned during our programs will have a huge impact on how students handle their future income and their quality of life as adults.

Club Moolah


Club Moolah is a fun, dynamic and engaging after-school program for fifth graders. This program is designed to strengthen the math skills as well as prepare the students with knowledge about personal finance that will last a lifetime. 


Camp Moolah


Camp Moolah is a five-day money camp for middle school age students. This camp is designed for students whose parents want to give them a financial head start in life. This program will impact the thoughts and beliefs of students about money and will encourage and inspire them to live the life of their dreams! 



MoolahLIVE is a one-day money event for elementary or middle school students. This program delivers practical life and financial lessons. Students learn about money and making smart financial choices when earning, saving, investing and borrowing money.   



MoneyLIVE is a one-day career & money simulation event for high school students. Students will learn how to make real life financial decisions as a result of their career during a live money simulation. 

Next Step Financial Worksop

Next Step is a fun, dynamic and engaging financial workshop for teens that will launch young adults

Next Step is a fun, dynamic and engaging financial workshop for teens that will launch young adults ages 14 and up toward financial freedom. During this energetic program attendees develop money management and life skills that will empower them to take the next step in life. 

Teen Finance Club


The F.L.L.P is a leadership program designed to promote financial literacy and financial responsibility among youth.  This program creates and supports high school students in developing a student-led financial club in their high school. Students become advocates for financial literacy.