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 What is MoneyLIVE?

MoneyLIVE is Teen Financial Event designed for high school through college age youth to provide them with the financial decision-making tools they need to create financial independence. The lessons learned during this event creates good financial habits that last a lifetime. This event gives students a hands on opportunity to learn about careers in the areas of science, engineering and business. Students also learn how to make real life financial decisions as a result of their career choice during a live money simulation.

 History of MoneyLIVE

 Since the summer of 2006 Alliance Financial Ministries has hosted our Teen Money Camp program, in 2012 Alliance Financial expanded our summer program to offer a one-day MoneyLIVE to reach more young people to educate them about the benefits of building money management skills that will last them a lifetime.

MoneyLIVE is Teen Money Event that is designed to deliver practical life and financial lessons to students. This live one-day event will give high school through college students a hands-on opportunity to learn about careers in the areas of engineering, sciences, and business  Students will learn how to make real life financial decisions based on their career choice. 

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