Are you where you want to be financially?

 if you said no then you are in luck. This AMAZING money management course will provide the answers to these questions and more. Let’s be honest, when it comes to planning your finances it can seem like an extra chore at best.

Money University was created to provide you with the education and the necessary tools you need to learn how to manage your finances and to modify your behavior to make better financial decisions. This course will be taught through five different lessons. Each lesson will unlock information in key areas of personal finance. This course will consists of an instructor led, hands on approach to personal finance.

 Money University was created to provide individuals with the education and tools necessary to understand personal finance, how to manage their finances in their everyday lives and how modify their financial behavior to make better financial decisions.

WEEK ONE  -  Organizing Your Financial Life – This workshop teaches the basic areas to organize in your financial life. Organized finances help individuals make better decisions about money.  

WEEK TWO  -  Creating a Budgeting you can live with - This workshop teaches students how to develop a budget and to create a spending plan that fits their lifestyle . 

WEEK THREE  -  Understanding Debt & Becoming Debt FREE - This workshop will teach the consequences of debt as well as the various types of debt. Students will also learn about debt ratios and the how unpaid debts effect their overall financial picture. 

WEEK FOUR  -  Understanding your Credit and Score – Students learn the different types of credit, how to read their credit report and how the credit score works.

WEEK FIVE  -  Demystifying Investments  - This workshop helps students learn the basics of the different types of investments such as what is a stock, how to mutual funds work and more to maximize the savings growth.  

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This workshop will meet one-night per week on Friday Nights starting June 14th

 Harvest Point Church

 12155 Shadow Creek Parkway

  Pearland, Texas 77584

  7:00 pm til 8:45 pm